Chief Inspiring Officer (CIO)
Mega Vision Software & Virtual Solutions

He is the man behind the idea of Mega Vision Software & Virtual Solutions. It was he whose visionary eyes dreamt of a corporate world that fosters more positivity and beauty of action. With a systematic pace, he is heading toward the goals and objectives he had set while founding Mega Vision Software & Virtual Solutions. His futurist personality embedded with entrepreneurial qualities and skills is the major driving force for his team that is committed to achieve the targeted point as an organization. Consistency and persistency are the heart of his personality that makes him a successful entrepreneur. With a grip and command of his team, he infuses a new zeal in his team. His visionary direction and high motivation keep the team resolute.
Atif Masood Choudhary recapitulates a wide experience of leadership skills and motivation speaking at public platform and institutions. Mastering over motivational theories, he sets himself with the human beings with all their diversities of professions, talents, cultures, and instincts. With his degree of MBA from UMT, Lahore, he has earned his experience in managerial positions and achieved organizational goals as Marketing Manager, Zonal Manager, Filed Sales Manager, and Manager Director. With his unique entrepreneurial skills, he is one of the top-notch professionals who are the most dynamic professionals with diverse set of skills.

Director Software & Virtual Solutions
He is a visionary technologist. Throughout his career he credited to lead and develop innovative technology products and on-line services. He is considered as guru in technology planning, designing and developing virtual corporate direction.